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Curiosity and Wonder, enter here...

What if creativity and connection are simply waiting for you to slow down, step outside the current of chaos and open space for emergence?
Pictured above: wild rice awns (the long thread like piece at the top of each seed husk) under 10x magnification.

notebook laying open on dock with penCurious to get out of your own way in your writing? Writer’s block holding you up? Inner critic having a ball putting you down? Gateless might be for you! I don’t teach you to write better. I hold no MFA, I’m a scientist in fact, an observer of nature, and a certified Gateless Facilitator. 

Writing in Community brings insight, fresh perspective and surprising results, as well as new friendships. Stay tuned for upcoming online offerings, sign-up to get information on our retreats (Sept. 19-22 in Ely, 2024) or reach out to work with me. 

a woman paddling a canoe down a river with wild riceWild Rice Connections was formed to bring attention to native wild rice, manoomin (Ojibwe). I am passionate about protecting and educating others about manoomin, the natural grain found nowhere else on earth as abundantly as it is found in Minnesota. Both Michigan and Wisconsin are working to return wild rice to waters which once held this annual native grass. 

I share my knowledge and experience with wild rice through education and speaking events, and love to work with organizations or individuals who want to be allies in protecting and conserving our wild rice waters. Check out my manoomin page for resources, past and current projects.

Meet Annette

“Sit with me in the bottom of my canoe, out on a lake of wild rice. Stretch your hands into the seed piled between us, fresh grains knocked off the stalks this morning. Gather a handful and inhale the scent of dried grass and rain washed air. Feel the way wild rice settles into your palms, the weight of sunshine turned to sustenance. Watch out for spiders.” – book in progress…

Twenty years ago I stepped outside of expectations and returned to school. Not an easy choice when school was 500 miles from home, two young kids and a loving spouse. So began my journey with wild rice, writing and a sense of self that had stagnated for several years. I’m still on a journey of self-understanding, learning day by day. Along the way I encountered writing methods that build community and deepen creativity (Gateless Writing) and grew my passion for manoomin/wild rice education and conservation. This website is my offering.

So you want to harvest wild rice?

Download this free and fun essay on harvesting wild rice….watch out for the spiders, worms and awns, oh my!
Annette Drewes author

Writer and Ambassador of ConnectionAnnette Drewes, Ph.D.

annette drewes author