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About Me

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Annette DrewesAmbassador of connection


Living in the north woods of Minnesota for 30 years, I am passionate about connecting people to the natural world, and increasing their opportunities to paddle, hike, harvest and ski. Respect for the forests and waters, wildlife and wild plants begins with interaction and builds with education and experience. Interested in a speaker, looking for a collaborator to create new experiences around wild rice or writing? Contact me. 

For three summers I traveled the lakes country, meeting and talking to people who harvest wild rice, natural wild rice, manoomin. I’ve watched sora rails walk across downed stems, listened to sandhill cranes call from the skies, pushed canoes out of the mud and plucked rice worms from my pants leg. More importantly, I’ve listened as Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) taught me how to respect manoomin.  Explore the resources you find here.